This has been a rough week for everyone. I know it. A week full of protest and arguments and hate and fear. Nobody is really sure what this new presidency will bring, but there is a significant chance that it won’t be good. Whether you are disabled, lgbt, poc, muslim, jewish, poor, a woman, or you care about somebody who is, we are all scared. I myself am not totally sure what I am going to do or if I will even be safe, but what I do know is this: I am Not going down without a fight.

Stand Together.

When we stand together, inseparable, we can do anything. In this difficult time we must support and hold up one another. Through all our differences we need to stick together and stand up for all our rights and our wellbeing. A common phrase on signs and in mouths during the Women’s March was “We Are The Majority.” There is nothing more true. If we as marginalized groups can join together and fight together, we can have far more people than the so-called “majority.” More People = More Noise = More Power. And we can use this power.


We cannot let bigotry and fear take away our rights and our wellbeing. We must resist any and every act that could harm us or derail our society. Resist however you are able. Whether it be reblogging or retweeting something, calling your representative or senator, attending a march, organizing a protest, writing, making art, or speaking up in class or to a family member or friend, every small action makes a difference. Whatever you, individually, can do as a form of resistance is great. No act of resistance is too small.

Support One Another.

Hold up your fellow disabled person, your fellow sister, your fellow POC, your fellow LGBT person, your fellow immigrant, your fellow refugee, your fellow Muslim person, your fellow Jewish person, anybody that is seen as “lesser” in this world. Support one another, send nice messages to each other, speak up if you see something happening. If you are an ally, make sure those around you know that you are there to help.

Be Proud.

Remember your worth. When he is trying his best to tear us down, the most powerful form of resistance is to be proud of who you are and what makes you different. The best thing about this pride is that Nobody can take it from you. Your pride in who you are is your greatest weapon for change. It gives you power and confidence and can rub off on others as well.

Make Change.

However you are able, however you feel comfortable doing, make change. When we all join together, support one another, be proud, and resist we can do AMAZING things. Be the change you want to see in the world. I look forward to seeing what we all can do together.

Remember: We are the Resistance.


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