“Labels Don’t Define You”

They say

Labels don’t define you

But if they didn’t

Why would we have them?


Exist for a reason

To understand the

World all around us.

They say

Labels are confining

But only the ones

They pick and choose do.


Are not the real problem.

Embracing a word

Gives yourself power.

They say

Labels are Stigma.

But they are also

Acceptance, Knowledge


Are our own to take on.

They are just a name.

But one to explain.

They say

You’re more than a label

That’s almost the truth

But the sum of all


Differentiate us

From one another,

Make up who we are.


Are just every noun

And nouns have meaning

Meaning we can use.


Give us words and an

Explanation for

The way we exist


Allow us the freedom

To take on the world

In our unique way

If labels didn’t define you, then we wouldn’t need them. Embrace your labels. They give you words and knowledge and in that the power that comes from an explanation.

And anyway, who are they to tell you what you can and cannot label yourself?


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