SwirlyMind is a blog run by an Autistic 20-something to write and educate others about autism, neurodiversity and disability rights with occasional things by other autistic or otherwise neurodivergent people.

I have a fun mix of autism, anxiety, synesthesia and a few other things, and I feel strongly about self advocating for myself and others. I am a current college student so posts will not be very often, but when I feel strongly about something I feel the urge to write. This blog is the result of a new years resolution to finally be more vocal with my activism and advocacy, as well as spurred on by wanting to honor Carrie Fisher’s memory the best way I can, as her own brand of activism really shaped me into who I am in terms of self acceptance.

Also, if anything I write doesn’t make sense or needs clarification, please contact me! I try to make sure my writing is readable, but that doesn’t always work.

If anyone is interested, I also sell handmade and 3-d printed fidget toys and sensory items to make a living. They are available on Etsy at FabulousFidgets.