Please Stand By: Review

One Nerdy Autistic’s Opinion on the Star Trek Movie with an Autistic Protagonist I’ll be honest, during the first few minutes of this movie, I was really concerned about the way it was going to go. I was seeing the group home and the different people all around and was worried about how they were … Continue reading Please Stand By: Review


I’m Back!

After having to take a few month break from writing, I'm finally back and have a nice lineup of articles I plan to write and share with you all! I had to take a break from writing for a while because of my past course load, as well as working on expanding my business and … Continue reading I’m Back!

Similarities Between Deaf and Emerging Autistic Culture

(I am not deaf, this article was originally a term paper for my American Sign Language class) Culture is defined as the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society. Now apparently there is are some arguments over whether or not being deaf or having a disability … Continue reading Similarities Between Deaf and Emerging Autistic Culture

Fidget Spinners and Normalizing Stimming

How Spinners Can Help But Also Hinder Neurodiversity I’m sure that by now, most people have seen these spinners. They’re everywhere and everybody seems to have at least one. I really don’t want to get into an argument here, but many people seem to be all on one side or the other. I think the … Continue reading Fidget Spinners and Normalizing Stimming

The Best Part of My Major

Recently, I was interviewed by one of my professors to have an article written about me HERE on my university's website. I would love it if you would read it! It talks about me, my individualized major, my future goals and my support system. I'm really proud to have been chosen to be written about! Full Link: