The Best Part of My Major

Recently, I was interviewed by one of my professors to have an article written about me HERE on my university's website. I would love it if you would read it! It talks about me, my individualized major, my future goals and my support system. I'm really proud to have been chosen to be written about! Full Link:

Autism Acceptance

Buy the ribbon here Acceptance Over Awareness With April fast approaching, I want to talk about autism acceptance. Let me start by saying that I’m not trying to say we don’t need awareness, just that this sort of awareness does not always later breed acceptance. We need awareness of autism. But after awareness, we need … Continue reading Autism Acceptance

Please Don’t Support Autism Speaks

“Autistics Speak, It’s Time to Listen” April is Autism Awareness (Acceptance) Month, 4/2 being World Autism Day. With April fast approaching, Autistic people are speaking out and urging others to not support Autism Speaks. When children are first diagnosed with autism, often times the first organization families see is  Autism Speaks, and is not a … Continue reading Please Don’t Support Autism Speaks

I’m a Person, Not a Puzzle

The Problem with Puzzle Piece Symbolism Everyone knows the puzzle piece symbol, the symbol most commonly used to signify autism, but it isn’t as well known just how many Autistic adults dislike it. At first glance, you see the lone puzzle piece or even a bunch together in what looks like a puzzle and it … Continue reading I’m a Person, Not a Puzzle

Labels: A Poem

"Labels Don't Define You" They say Labels don’t define you But if they didn’t Why would we have them? Labels Exist for a reason To understand the World all around us. They say Labels are confining But only the ones They pick and choose do. Labels Are not the real problem. Embracing a word Gives … Continue reading Labels: A Poem